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David Dwinger 


I'm a entrepreneur, love to travel, read and spend time with my wife and two beautiful boys. In addition I like stimulating and helping young entrepreneurs, transparency, working with motivated people and Italian food and coffee. Not so fond of endless conversations on how to deliver the already agreed and people who say "no". I spend my time taking care of my clients and ensuring they get what we agreed. Client focus and commitment to deliver ensures long term relationships. Mail or call for any questions, suggestions or to meet up;


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Arend Beekhuis


I love to sail; enjoy the outside life with my family. With my entrepreneurial mind-set, I'm always looking at how I can best service and deliver to my clients. I love football (Go ijsselmeervogels!), sailing and travel. I always push for openness and quality of service. My flexibility and solution focussed attitude ensured very positive customer feedback, wherever I worked. 

Want to meet up? Drop me a mail or call;


Kick van der Weijde


I started my career as a financial at one of the big4 audit companies. Soon i found out that I like the dynamic of the business more. Over the years I’ve learned to work more by ‘everything is possible’ mind-set, there’s solution, always! I love sports and spend a lot of time with my family on different sportclubs. Main focus is on judo, soccer and hockey. Always trying to improve and be more efficient today than we were yesterday.

If you would like to meet up or ask me any questions, please mail or call me:

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+31 (0)6 1133 4882

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+31 (0)6 1040 4081

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+31 (0)6 4133 4960


Andi Kercuku

Country Lead

I am very passionate about Information Technology. Whenever technology comes up with something that reaches peopleI’m interested.
Opportunity is valuable to me, I am always willing to look at the bigger picture and to try out something that will make a difference.I love sports, swimming and travel. In my free time, I always like to spend time with my family.







Gabriel careli

Country Lead

I'm a very passionate person! I dive headfirst into everything that I love. I am a geek for technology, science, games and movies. I am fascinated by entrepreneurship and I strongly believe that startup companies are going to change the way we experience the world in unimaginable ways. Always ready to learn and grow, teach and help others improve. Helping people be their best in their work is current life my mission and I take it very seriously. Want to talk? Send me a message!





Nataly Veremeeva

Country Lead

I am fond of traveling and getting to know new cultures and places. I enjoy nature and get my inspiration from there. And also enjoy theatre, parties and see the summits which human mind can reach in whatever sphere.I love bringing people together and building communities, where people can gather and share their thoughts and knowledge. I do so in Ukraine with IT community. And I also am happy to bring my IT community new opportunities in the Dutch market being a Grow Country Lead for Ukraine.





Sunder Arumugam

Country Lead





Victoria Hevko

Research Manager

My name is Victoria .I am a student. I live and work in Chernivtsi (Ukraine).

Passionate about my job,music and dogs. Like traveling and spending time with my family.

Love to learn and improve.Enjoy communicating and meeting new people.

If you have some questions or suggestions please mail me!




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